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Friday, 10 January 2014


       At this time, where online purchase are now a common practice, proper packaging is most important, with the right packaging material to ensure that our ordered items will arrive to every customer safety. Some fragile and sensitive items, such as computer, camera, musical instruments, electrical instrument and parts, eggs and glass need custom packaging to ensure that it will reach to its destination free from any defect or damages.

       Through the packaging foam available now in the market, we can't anymore worry about our shipment. What ever items we want to ship, there is a right foam for it. This is cut into a right shape and dimension according to its purpose of use. You can choose from their different type of foam, either charcoal foam, anti- static foam, poly- foam, charcoal pick and pluck foam, charcoal egg crate sets or anti-static egg crate set. This depends upon what fits to your need.

        For long distance shipment with a bulk and heavy package, it is best advantage to strengthen the bonding of the boxes by applying with pro-tact wide web adhesive, to ensure and protect damages by multiple handling on the way.

         For more details about packing materials visit and feel your complete satisfaction of their complete line of packing materials. They offer free shipping for order over $ 75.00.


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