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Friday, 10 January 2014

Christmass Party in Crescent City

       Every year the Filipino- American Community will hold a Christmass party. This is a sort of celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, thanksgiving, and reunion of friends who are living and working in the different parts of California or nearby county or cities. This year 2013 the venue was in Crescent City particularly in the residence of our active member, Martin and Ivy.

     As usual practice every participant will share some of their favorite dishes and bring to the host member. As we found out there were a varieties of specialty foods shared, which the wide table couldn't anymore accommodate. If we try to pick a sample of every kind, we couldn't  consume it all.

      The red dress color of the participants highlighted the affair plus the different parlor games for children as will as the adult. There were also an exchanging of gifts for all the participants adults as will as the children, and then fallowed by awarding of prizes to the winners. Over all as I observed all the participants enjoyed the affair.


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