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Saturday, 30 January 2016


"Honk" is a Musical play that will be held this coming Spring. I'm very excited because three of my kids will be in the play. My son plays one of the lead  role. It's such an overwhelming feeling looking at your kids joining in this kind of activities. When I watch my son sings the songs, I was teary eyed. I'm in awe knowing that he can actually song and very cute too. He has quite a few musical instruments but I want to buy more for him. I have to check on the musicians friend locations so I can buy quality musical instruments.

Party Every Week

I totally have changed this year, I've been partying like almost every week. Last year, I barely go to a party. This year I even help in organizing. It's fun. There's so many laughter. I think it is important to make memories because friends come and go because they go to different places, but as long we have memories it at least ease the pain of separation. If probably I did not go to there together , I am probably gonna be a lil bit depressed. These get together help me look forward for the days to come.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Weekend Days Off

It's my day-off! Not only but also tomorrow. How can I get so lucky? Well, I just get lucky like. Finally able to watch the kids' soccer game. The season started last month but I keep missing it because of my work schedule. After their games, I brought them to Denny's for their lunch. I was really happy to see my kids happy. After spending with the kids,  time to help my husband. I'm going to help him work on the corner brackets in our kitchen cabinet. I love doing projects with my husband. It's rewarding and bonded us even closer.

Bag of Water

Pregnancy is an amazing 9 months of experience carrying a precious baby inside our womb as women. The privilege of having that lil baby growing in our womb is an honor. No matter how careful we are with that baby but when we rely our hands to a negligent doctor during childbirth is a nightmare. When my sister bag of water broke, she went to the clinic, I assumed that she will be prepared to give birth right away, but surprisingly they asked her to go home. Unbelievable! Fast forward, the baby was born without a problem. But a week later or so, the baby had a fever and guess what the baby was suffering with a disease called infantile sepsis.  Go figure!! I'm mad. So now, I'm praying that the baby will be fine but I'm going to do something about this.

Saturday, 3 October 2015


I rarely go to facebook to update what I am doing every second. I can't believe how many people can really do that. I even don't have time to eat my lunch at work because I end of working on some errands. Oh well, life is different for each people. Today, I chatted with my sister in law. She's about to give birth for her second baby. She's a teacher so right now she's on maternity leave. I'm so proud of her  because she's thinking of ways how to earn money while on leave. One of her ideas is to put up a  coffee machine or bubble machine in front of our house for extra income. I'm really hoping this will work because this will help them a lot.


During my kids' back to school night which was held last October 1, Thursday at 5pm, my kids dressed up as their superheroes. My daughter dressed up as like me, wearing my uniform and her own name tag. It was so nice of my coworker to suggest in making her own name tag. My daughter wrote in her essay that I'm her super hero because even though I'm tired I still smile at home. All my hardwork is so worth it for having the best children in the world. I'm so blessed.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Goodbye Summer Welcome Fall

I must be the only person at work who haven't started decorating our house for the Fall season yet. For me, when it comes to rearranging and redecorating I also need my husband's opinion or approval because oftentimes my husband agrees with me  or always made the right choice. For this Fall, the first thing I would like to change are our rugs. The rugs also help in bringing the room's more appealing. Most of the time, the rugs that I found are found online just like the nourison rugs that I found at Rugs Direct which is the leading rugs store in the market. What I like about them is that I can have 30 days to return the rugs . If a customer is not satisfied , he can always return the item within 30 days. It is such a good offer because sometimes an item is pretty awesome in the picture but once we got it doesn't look the same. I believe that Rugs Direct is good place to buy the rugs of our dream.


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