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Thursday, 26 December 2013


        Among the wide selection of headphones available in the market today, ortofon headphones at Musicians Friend is widely used by users because it has a loud output signal and a high quality sound reproduction. This is a nice headphone, easy to wear and drive. Superior in quality with a guaranteed durability. Ortofon brand such as Ortofon O-one pro Dj are sold at $ 290.18, Ortofon e- 05 balance $ 240.76.  the O- one professional studio headphone-$ 199.00 and the ortofon ortofon 0- 0ne is $199.00.

        While in Musicians Friend, the store that always offer the best price, is selling their used ortofon studio headphone for only $ 49.99 with free shipping. Take the advantage of this great saving. Order now while these stocks are still available.


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