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Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year Celebration

      At new year eve, our friends got together to celebrate the coming new year. Participants who joined the affair were usually Filipinos, Phil/Am and Mexicans. As usual practice every participant contributed and shared their favorite dishes for the party.

       With the initiative of some members headed by Gigie, Gina, Mary, Tess, and Beth the program was very successful. Aside from the varieties of delicious delicacies, that were served , there was a harmony in the presentation of the program. It was opened by an invocation by Mr. Stedman Lee Peters, followed by a welcome address by Gigie (also the MC of the program). After the message the dinner was served.

        When the dinner was done, the different activities then started. Various parlor games were presented. There were for adult and other for children. While the participants enjoy in the game the audience also enjoyed taking their desert. There were many give away, that the offer, so that every body, especially children enjoyed, because they have something to take it home. At the later part of the program was the awarding of prizes to the winners and more give away to all participants. For the closing number of the program was a message thanks from the initiator of the affair. Thanks also to Mr.Escallier who offered his sound system and to every body who participated and made the affair successful.


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