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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Cool Weather

      As fall season start, some workers are affected by low income or no income. House keepers in hotel and lodge are worried about their earning, because they have no more stable income. Their working hours during summer which has an average of six hours daily, but now, this fall season, they'll be happy if they can work three hours a day, but usually they've more off days.

      The presence of snow and the extreme coldness refrain travelers and vacationists to go outdoor instead they'll stay at home in their heated room. We can observed that during fall and winter season  hotels have a very few customers, and the one directly affected are they house keepers who depend their livelihood on this particular job.

     Small farmers as will as their laborers are also badly affected during cool season. They could not grow anymore their crop. They have still to wait another time , another month to grow for their next crop. What happen if their saving could not meet for their budget for the said period? Go to credit buying or other option?


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