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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles

with love, Gina
       United States of America is called a nation of immigrants because this is the country that we can find different races of people all around the globe. Because of more opportunities in this country more and more people from time to time are migrating to this this place. Legal immigrants have contributed much of the economy to this country, but for those who enter illegally is a treat to our economy, instead of helping the economy to grow they are pulling it backward. 

        As of now, there are now 11 million of undocumented immigrants who now staying in USA. The government is trying to make a deal to these people by means of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. There will be one set of rule to follow and this is a give and take solution, so that every qualified individual can enjoy the right and benefits by which the government have provided for. 

       Because the government is tightening about the enforcement of this case, every undocumented immigrant is oblique to apply for immigration, a pathway to US citizenship. Doing this is not a quick process, every individual must passed a background check, before they can earn the Green Card, SSN, and State ID, which is the basic requirement, when we apply for job, medicare, insurance. schoolarship for student, and other benefits. We need somebody who can guide us to do the immigration process. We need a trustworthy and reliable attorney to help us in our document preparation. 

       The Immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles (The Root Law Group) is the right office to contact. Their experienced staff is well versed in the preparation of all immigration services, (USCIS), petition, as will as RIR labor certification. They offer quick turn around time. Most petitions are prepared within 10 working days. You can communicate them directly in a four business hours response time to your inquiries. 


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