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Monday, 26 August 2013

Strangers on the Night

       One night, amidst of my sound slept, I was awaken by a phone call. I was some what in the state of day dreaming on that time, and I was not able to distinguish immediately who was on the phone. After a few minutes when I was refreshed I found out that it was my friend asking for help. She was alone on their house during that time.

       Together with my son in-law we rushed to their residence and we found out that she was trembling with fear. She was so scared because there was somebody knocking their door so loud at late at night asking forcefully to open the door. They were calling by her name, but when she asked them, they didn't gave their identity. With the little opening beside the door, she was able to saw who were there outside. There were two ladies and at a little distance there was a car parking. 

      But when we reached their residence the two ladies has move on. She also called 911, but the police arrived the ladies were already in their car. Some said those were door to door vendor, but we're in doubt because that was already late at night. Police investigation goes on about this case, on what was the real motive of these two ladies. 


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