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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Harris Torch

      In the market today, there are multiple of new products, which are displayed in different stores. If we have lack of knowledge about the real description of these products or to distinguish from the genuine one we might be tempted to buy, because these are being sold at much lower price and looks also similar to the genuine brand.

       But knowledgeable owner of welding shop, knows where and what to buy, the existing brand, that are still the best, no matter of the the different in price, but the quality, the advantages and value of the product is their priority. A product which is built to last, comfortable to use, safe, and durable.

       Harris cutting, apparatus and equipment are already known every where for its quality manufacturing, engineering technology and design. Harris Torch is equip with flash guard and check valve for safety. This among the list UL ( approved for safety product). Their torch handles are solid brass with protected torch unions and brazed connection. Also all their cutting attachments have a forged solid brass head. Their genuine model 85 welding torch are available at ATL Welding Also available are Harris torch kit, cutting torch, torch gas regulator, torch handles, cutting attachment, welding mixer, welding tip tubes and Harris machine torch accessories. Shipping is free for order of $ 100. So shop now !!


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