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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Loyal Customer

        A couple together with their 93 years old father, a stay over at Super 8 Hotel told us that they want their parent will be please and enjoy his remaining life by granting him, the things that will make him happy. They take him to different beautiful places, because that was his hobby during his early days.

        Upon the request of his father that he want to stay once more at his favorite hotel in Crescent City. This is no other than the Super 8,  the hotel that he often mention. This 93 years old man is just one of they loyal customer of Super 8 Hotel. As I've observed their customers are a coming back customers those who have stayed in the previous years or months . Their faces are now very familiar to me.

          This hotel is some what bless with a loyal costumers. Even though that this hotel doesn't belong to the high ranking category but almost every day their rooms are fully book. Maybe because it is the most accessible  in down town. It has a peaceful surrounding with a fresh air from the ocean added by their wide parking area for cars.

           The cleanliness and sanitation of this hotel have also catered more customers to stay and come back. Their trusted house keepers have a long experienced in hotel room maintenance, so that we can assure of their sanitation. their customer's service staffs are very approachable and friendly. So visit and stay at Super 8 hotel for comfort and satisfaction. It is located at 685 Redwood High way, Crescent City.CA, near Crescent City Harbor, Ocean World and Beach Front Park, near also to Battery Point Lighthouse and Castle Rock.


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