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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Our Trip to San Francisco, CA

with love, Gina
         It was still early in the morning at 4:00 when we started our long ride to San Francisco for more or less 347 miles from here in Crescent City for an estimated time travel of 8 hours. Me and my husband were committed to meet my friend in San Francisco International Airport. They are my friend in my high school days in the Philippines. This couple is currently employed in Dubai. They want to take a vacation here in Crescent City.

         After visiting the important places in Crescent City, they will proceed to their propose tour around United States. Because they are first timer here in US, they invited us to be with them, for my husband is much better familiar to the different places in United States.
         We were bit a little delay in our arrival to San Francisco because we passed by Vallejo City, CA to dropped a packages for our family in the Philippines. We reached there at already 1:00 PM. timely that they have also just arrived from aboard.

          How many of my friends and people who can avail and enjoy the unforgettable experience in traveling different places? I'm certain many are planning but the question is the availability of time most especially the inside the pocket. Nice for my friend, because they blessed with better job opportunity. They have a lot of saving to finance the cost of travel. I'm also dreaming to visit some important places someday, but how and when? Only time and opportunity can tell.


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