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Monday, 1 July 2013

Bleacher at Aluminum Bleachers

         When we take a tour around Crescent City, we will notice that there are many beautiful parks and play grounds but we could rarely find a bleacher for the spectators. When there are activities held they spectators will be standing just  right in the side of the playing ground. These sites are ideal for installing bleacher because it is almost perfectly level, it's easy to install.
         It might be a good idea to suggest or to recommend to the concern officers of the sport organization and to the government officials about the installation of aluminum bleacher on this site for the convenient and comfort of the spectators. Their bleacher is proven for its strength and durability because it compiles the IBC Code Compliant.   
        Quoting their available stocks and price for the reference to any interested party are as follows:

         3 &4 rows bleachers----------------------------------$ 485.00...................$2,100
         5-10-15-rows  bleachers-----------------------------$2,998----------------$ 20,700

         5& 10 rows elevated bleachers----------------------$9,350---------------$19,925
         Tip & Roll bleachers----------------------------------$  595----------------$I,575
         Transportable bleachers------------------------------$ 3,675--------------$10,500

         They have also different kind  of outdoor tables such as aluminum picnic table, galvanized steel frame picnic table, square table and portable viewing stand . For benches they have the player benches with back rest,  player bench with shelf and double team benches. These aluminum bleaches, tables and benches are designed to meet our specific needs. With their 30 years of experienced in this industry they have served the best quality of their products that made them a leader of this industry. For more details about these products, visit bleachers at  for their selection of model and find the style that suit your needs.


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