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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Financially Healthy

Mostly the people in our place are investing in  annuityadvantage aside from their IRA and 401(k).This is because they have gained an experienced from friends and other older people who have already enjoyed the benefits about investing annuity. This will serve as a compliment to their other retirement income source such as Social Security and pension plan. In Annuity you can invest a larger amount of cash, as you wish and defer the paying of taxes. There are no annual contribution limit for your retirement saving. This is useful for those who are about to retire. All the money you invest will earn an interest every year without tax bill from the government. These can be a big advantage over a taxable investment. There are many option you can choose, either income for guaranteed period, or life payment or life with guaranteed period to certain benefit or joint survivor annuity. Thee last option is being used in our place, because the beneficiary will continue to receive payout for the rest of his/ her life after you die.


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