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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

What Happens If You Don’t Forgive Yourself

What Happens If You Don’t Forgive Yourself
If you don’t forgive yourself, you may have these problems…
o You’ll have unresolved guilt nagging you
o You’ll always be recalling past failures
o You’ll be pessimistic and negative, or even suffer from chronic depression
o You’ll be seeking revenge toward yourself at different times
o You’ll manifest self-destructive behaviors.
o You’ll be disrespectful towards yourself
o You’ll be indifferent toward yourself and your needs
o You’ll be defensive and exhibit distant behavior towards others
o You’ll be controlled by your fear of failure, rejection, and non-approval
o You’ll have an emotional vacuum in which little or no emotions are shown
o You’ll be suspicious about others’ motives when they’re accepting of you
o You’ll experience chronic hostility, sarcasm, and cynicism
It is a sad life!
Make a decision now to forgive yourself now.
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