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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Pole Fishing

     In some places ,pole fishing is popular recreational sport .For some working individual they did this as their hobby during their day off .Instead of going to casino for pleasure they prefer to go on pole fishing with their family or friends While waiting the result their family will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the seashore and after they have catch they can have a fresh fish for consumption .
     Using pole and some baits is the basic method for fishing whether in fresh or sea water. Even its seems simple to think about pole fishing , it also requires some practice and knowledge to gain a rewarding result .So as a beginner its important to inquire some advice and information from friends with and experienced in pole fishing or to some anglers who have a better knowledge in this particular activities .Some important and basic activities to learn are :
     1) How to assemble fishing pole ?
     2)How to find the right baits ?
     3)How to set up fly fishing ?
     But before we have to go on pole  fishing we have to secure a valid fishing license which is $17 per year plus stamp .We have to present this to conservation officer upon request .There are fines and penalty for fishing with out license .We should also have a valid trout and salmon stamp to legally fish from public water .It is important to  know about the DNR fishing regulation and the fishing methods as will as the size limit for the specific fish . Life has a lot to offer. Eventhough there are many challenges around us we can still enjoy life just like martin hanaka  live his life. Enjoy life and be postive.


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