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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


            Crabbing is the term they used for catching crabs by the used of trap. Baits are enclosed inside the trap .The common baits they used are meat and fish. They will apply this with creamy substance whose odor attract the crabs.The season for catching crabs falls in Winter time, from the month of January to March. Within this time the crabs are bigger enough to qualify the allowed size and weight .
           I was very excited when my friend Ben and my son in law, Lee invited me to go for crabbing because I want to know how to catch crab.We went to the crabbing site which is near the harbor .This is a beautiful place ,which is a long bridge going to the pacific ocean .This is purposely built for viewing.There are many travelers who will visit this place,because we can see the complete view of the city .The crescent shape of the seashore along the city and the beautiful towering redwood around with the mountain above which is full of snow. In front of the crabbing site is long sea wall, made of huge boulder of rocks which protect the city from tsunami .Fronting the ocean are a number rocky islets, and one of it is where the lighthouse is erected .The other islets served as the home of the seagull and other sea birds .
          Crabbing is fun and enjoyable .When we have done setting our  crab trap, we have to wait about a half an hour before we have to pull up the trap to find out whether there are already crab inside the trap .While waiting the time, we did getting pictures of the captivating views around .
         One of the funny thing is that there are sea lions roaming around which took the baits .When we pulled up the trap there was no more bait remain except the trap which we in closed the baits in a pocket. In the other trap we got some crabs but when we measure it , it doesn't qualify to the minimum size of 6" in diameter .Mostly of the crabs we got did not qualify the size and weight so we returned it to the sea .But before we went home we were able to catch one which qualify the size .Even if our trip was not profitable we gain an experience in crabbing. It's fun and enjoyable hobby .


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