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Sunday, 27 January 2013


 I remember our subjects in science and physics about the simple machine, which includes crew, wheel and axle, inclined plane, wedge, lever and pulley. These were the devices used by people in the past decades to increase force and lift heavy objects. They were using these in their day to day activities.
     Even if the rewards of these simple machines are far beyond compared to the present modern lifting machines, we should be grateful of it because from these devices, our scientist and inventors based their principle and theory of their invention .By applying these principle and theory plus their
never ending research to improve the quality of their products, it comes today the sophisticated and amazing lifting machines which is now called Screw Jack .By this term it remind me about the screw as one of the simple machine. Screw Jack is one of the most important mechanical device used frequently in day to day work activities. It is commonly used to lift up heavy weight such as car body builder shop,in transportation ,in building construction and foundation .
     Machine screw jacks are available from 250 lbs. loads to 250 tons loads and the mechanical screw jack can carry from 5 tons to 25 tons loads There are huge selection of brands, types and size. Visit or browse for   screw jacks to match your choice and avail their big discount now with free shipping .


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