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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Winter Time

with love, Gina
      At 5:00 AM MY usual time to rise up to prepare coffee and breakfast because my daughter will report to her work at 6:00 .This time is still dark and outside we can feel the penetrating coolness of winter .At 7:00 ,this time the surrounding start to become brighter we have to go outside because this is the time that the kids will go to school .This is also the time that we have to start our usual daily work .
      Around the apartment that we live , we can't see any people except the close houses  and parking cars .There are only few cars running .When we go outside to enhale some fresh air we have to wear a double jackets pants and glove .We could not resist to stay longer outside because of the penetrating coolness .What we always  did is to stay daylong inside the house ,watching movies reading some articles or scan our PC .It's so bored to stay always in the house with out physical work , because this is my first experience in winter time .Unlike there in our place in Philippines that I have to do my work outside from dawn to dusk .


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