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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Lace In Fall

It's byebye Summer now. I'm welcoming the Fall season with a new wardrobe. I heard that this season it's all about laces. For a moment there, I wonder if I have clothes that have lace in it. And I don't think I have one. If there is, probably outdated. I saw women wearing lace tights and sweater. I think you wear an outfit with a lace mostly on a formal occassion. But I'm a casual type of girl. I'm more into  jeans and blouses. I am comfortable with girls cargo pants especially if it's from Aeropostale.
Aeropostale clothes are very affordable but good quality.That's why everywhere I go in this town, I saw people wearing Aeropostable jackets or shirts.That's why I shop there all the time. Being a soccer mom, I am busy as a bee, so a must have in much closet is a good outerwear that is comfortable and warm. Right now, in Aerostale, their outerwear are on sale. You can buy one as low as $25, such a good deal.The bad thing is, they are gone too fast.That's why when I saw something that I like in my favorite color and in my size, I grabbed it right away.

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