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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Shopping Pass

A very good friend of mine works in a department store here. I'm so lucky because she always give me coupons. That's why most of my kids' stuff and clothes are name brand clothing and I just bought them at cheaper price. Yesterday she gave me a reusable shopping pass that I can use until Monday. It's really cool because I bought a Osh Kosh hoodie for my son, 1 OshKosh Tshirt , 1 carter Pajama, 1 toddler dress for girl, 2 packs of underwear for girls, 1 barbie doll and another barbie toy. I only paid $52.I wish I have enough time to shop yesterday. I am thinking of going back there tomorrow morning and shop some shoes for the kids. Yeah I think I'm gonna do that.I'm excited now!

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