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Friday, 12 August 2011

If There's A Will There's A Way

Education plays an important role in developing our personality. When you are educated you are not scared to explore the world because you have the foundation of learning. I would like to set an example between two individuals that I  know personally. Let me call them Jel and Maria. Jel grew up in a wealthy family where she is the only girl.She's spoiled and was allowed to spend vacations every year out of the country. Everything is provided for her by her parents. While Maria grew up from a poor family. Her parents are farmers. She has four siblings that's why their income is not enough to enjoy the luxuries in life. But Maria's parents worked hard almost 24/7 to send them all to school. Even if they have to eat one meal a day just to support their schooling. Maria and her siblings finished school and got college education. Jel on the other  hand didn't even finished high school because she don't like going to school, finding it not necessary because her parents have so much money. Fifteen years later. Maria is now a successful person, not very rich but was able to marry a decent man and was able to support their kids to school and living life comfortably. Jel on the other hand, married a drug addict and controlling person who works illegally. They're basically continuously watching behind their back scared being caught. They are dependent on the welfare program in the government. Her husband didn't go to school also and wasn't able to finish even elementary. Their kids often missed school also.
Education will give you more opportunities and it helps you solve problems easier because you will be able to think of many resources instead of stealing.  Here in America, there are so many opportunities to go to school. If you think you're old already to go to school, not it's not. Check out, it's one of the highly recognized online university that can offer you financial aid in case you need to. Don't let poverty hinder your yearning for success. In Walden University, you will find many courses that are being offered that will suit your interests. Find where you're good at and focus on it. They have many scholarships offering too. That is a big help also. Get an education! Dream big and make it happened.

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