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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Creatively Thoughtful

Many of my very good friends are many miles away from us. Someone live in the East Coast, West Coast or even in Central California, but still seven hours drive. When they celebrate their birthdays, I feel so bad because I can't even send them gifts because I don't know what they like.  I know I can send them purses, clothes or perfumes. But these, they can just buy it there because they live in a bigger city. They're close to many shopping malls. I always end not sending them. I feel awful because they often send me and kids gifts on our special occasion. But when I found out about flower delivery, I am so thrilled until now. I found nice flower collection, centerpiece flowers, gift baskets and many more for very affordable prices. If I receive something like this, it will put a tear in my eye. By just browsing around their collection, I feel so in love and I can't wait to order one for myself. Now I know what to send my friends for their birthdays. In fact I have a friend who just gave birth 2 weeks  ago, and until now I didn't send her anything. And this is a pretty good idea. These two are my favorites.

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