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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Lesson Learned

I lost another friend. I always think that it's for my own good. Everybody said it's for my own good. I do am thankful because I don't have to deal with her lies. But I am not sure if I am hurt or not. My mind is so tired as well as my body for my part time job and managing my blog online. I have too many activities going on that I didn't really get the chance to ponder. There are times that I'm so mad at her because she's a liar and so do stupid stuffs that does not just affect me but as well as the rest of my friends. But knowing her for a long time. She's the kind of person that will revenge when someone hurt her so much. She will instigate and provoke and stir gossip to put up a fire between friends. But if you really get to know her better, she's very loyal and caring. I don't even know if it's worth it. Because I know that she has too many problems with her husband who treated her like a slave, who always think she's sleeping around with different men. She's the kind of person who needs someone to talk to. And I'm her only friend before. Because of her crazy assumption that I was dumping her, she was so defensive and paranoid that she spread rumors to whoever knows us. I feel sorry for her. I am mad at her but I will forgive her in a heartbeat if she will only say sorry.

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