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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Document Solutions

It's been two weeks since we have the Tsunami that damaged many boats in the pier. It's as if it was yesterday when I feel that fear because of the loud sound of the siren urging the people to evacuate to higher grounds. I was confused at first on what to bring first. All I want to secure are my kids, then I grabbed our passports and important papers and put them in the luggage. I realized how natural calamities happened so fast. How it will change your life overnight. We are lucky that we didn't experience what Japan has been through.There are many buildings that were damage. Many of these companies are using document imaging that's why even though their papers and important documents are soaked in the water, they can still recover their file because it can be restored from their scanned files through digital imaging. It's very amazing how technology evolve these days.

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