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Monday, 28 March 2011

Celebrity Apprentice

I stayed up late last night because I watched the Celebrity Apprentice. I was just curious about the videophone from ACN. The videophone product is amazing. I saw how it works because I registered in ACN.Anyways, Dionne Warwick was fired last night. I think it's all because Nene wasn't telling the truth. I was impressed wen she told Nene that she was a coward. And I believe so. I saw that she's asking Nene if she can go home now but Nene denied it. Oh well, she's saving herself from getting fired. These reality shows are everywhere right now. Some of them are lame. If I have my own reality show, we probably have more interesting life than they have. Oh well, that's just my own opinion. I do take videos of our events here at home.I love my Sony video camera. I have it for a long time already and still in very good condition. When I bought it, it has good camcorder reviews and I was really satisfied with it.


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