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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas in the Snow

This is a beautiful flower arrangement called Christmas in the Snow that I'm planning to send to my friend Jenny. Because I was sick last week, I never got the chance to send a package for her. Good thing that we can just order online or over the phone for flower delivery. Most of the times it's so hard to pick a gift for someone that we haven't seen for along time. I haven't seen my friend for more than two years already and through facebook I can tell that she has a lot of stuffs already that's why I realized flower is the best for her.She will be surprised. Even though it's a belated Christmas already but the holiday isn't over yet. I have to contact the Phoenix flowers delivery so that I will be able to have this flower delivered to her before New Year. This is gonna be nice for her dining table or the living room as a centerpiece. I'm excited. Merry Christmas everyone!

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