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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Miracles Never Fail To Happen

Some people who went through trials and tribulations thought that they're being punished by God. I used to think that way before. It's really a hard feeling when you feel alone and you feel like there's no one to turn to. As I muddle through my own problems I realized that all of these are just part of life. I'm up then I'm down. All these struggles have taught me a lesson how to be strong . Most importantly, it draws me closer to God which is the most significant part for me. You know the feeling that even though you're living the simplest life, just living within your means, and yet you have these feeling in your heart just feeling so blessed , that's what I felt right now. All I want is keep praising God. He is so good, so forgiving and very caring. He gave me a husband who is very understanding, a family who truly cares for me and friends who always stand by me. I hope that those people who've been through a lot of struggles also, will never give up. Please just keep your faith. Let go of your fears and let God do the rest. He knows what is best for us all.

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