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Friday, 3 September 2010

Laundry Time

Yey, it's Friday. How time flies so fast. Sometimes I like, sometimes not. It depends on the circumstances. Now, I'm excited because it's the finale of the soap opera that I've been following. And I have to do laundry today. I know that not all people like it but me, doing laundry is my favorite chore and that includes folding. I'm just glad that our laundry room in the house is big enough for me to hang-out there but it's just that I'm annoyed with the noise from the bathroom fan. I should not whine about it though because it's a great help in eliminating the bad odor from the soiled clothing. In fact, I'll buy more of these and send it to the Philippines for our bathroom there. I know they can buy it there but I trusted the quality of the products that are bought here in America.

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