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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Retro Costume

This is my favorite among the sexy costumes that I've seen. It's not too daring but catchy :-). This is a Vintage Vixen' Sexy 70's Retro Halloween Costume and all I need now is a white boots. I rarely wear costumes during Halloween because it's cold here in Crescent City. But with this one, I will definitely wear this. Two more months, I can't wait. Sometimes we have costume contest here and it's just so boring at times because you  two or three people wearing the same costumes because they just buy it at a department store here in town.We don't have a lot of stores to go to that's why buying on line is the best bet if you want something unique and sexy.


Anonymous said...


I have just entered a retro-licious “Mad Men” contest, and I need your vote to win a walk-on role on the show!

Please go to and vote for me!

Thanks a bunch,

Gina said...

yep u got my vote!Godd luck!


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