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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Get Ahead of The Game

I'm so proud of my friend's daughter because they found out that she's going straight to sophomore College. She's the class salutatorian of Del Norte High School Class 2010. Before the school ends she's already taking college classes. She enrolled in UCLA and they credited all the units that she earned from her previous school. That's what I'm talking about getting ahead of the game. In all endeavors we always anticipate the hardships and prepare ourselves all the time. In any four or five year course, we always take a licensure examination to get a title or certificate and in my course which is Electronics and Communication Engineering, once you passed the board examination, you will be addressed as engineer. But in order to achieve it, you  have to take review classes.It's a good thing for business management graduates because they can enroll for a gmat prep online and works great and reliable.They are assured for a high quality review and they are a hundred percent way ahead of the game.

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