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Friday, 22 February 2008

Lucky Lucky Me!

**** a wee bit messy 'coz he just ate breakfast*******

There's this couple here in our place who I'm really really proud of. They are an example of true love and lifetime commitment. They've been married for more than 50 years and still you can see how they love and cherish each other.They are in the 70's already still active and healthy. I remember my grandparents, my Lolo Jose and Lola Tiadosia, until their last breath they've been there for each.But let me change the topic before I break into tears again.

Tita Veron told me how lucky I am for having such a beautiful girl like Stephanie and such a handsome Son like Eric. And she said my children are also lucky because everybody here love them especially among the circle of Filipino-American Community. Because everybody's children are already big. So at their age it's only Steph and Eric. Oh well, so I'm lucky.

But I know I'm lucky because I have healthy children. That is what I'm thanking God every moment of my life. I couldn't imagine what my parents been through. I'm sickly when I was young, always staying in the hospital. I don't want that! It's just sooo hard seeing my children sick. That's why I'm super careful with them. I couldn't risk their health for anything else. God gave me wonderful children so I shoud be very good in nurturing them.

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