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Thursday, 21 February 2008

After Valentine's Chocolate Sale

I usually by stuff for the Philippines during after Holiday sale because the prices drop up to 50% off just like chocolates. I bought boxes of chocolates at half prices only. But I'm dismayed because I just got one box of Ferrerro Rocher at a sale price. I love Ferrerro that's why I plan on buying a lot after Valentine's. But Oh well, I still bought some for my family even at regular prices. OMG, the stuff toys, they're sooo cute.I'm so tempted to buy some but I don't have a place for another one in our house another. My children have lots of stuff toys that I have to put some of them in the storage. If they just don't occupy a lot of space in the Balikbayan Box I don't mind buying for my nieces. So yun..I'm getting ready for another package for my wonderful family in the Phil. I love them super duper!

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