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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Blueberry Wine

If there's one food that I have a hard time resisting is Blueberry muffin. Besides the fact that it is delicious it's obviously made out of blueberries. Blueberry is now considered as a "superfruit" since it is rich in nutrients, has health benefits and has versatility for manufacturing popular consumer products. Just like blueberry muffin, blueberry cookies ,blueberry juice,b lueberry cobbler and the popular blueberry wine. Blueberry wine is made from fermented and vine ripened blueberries. One known supplier of blueberry wine is Keely and Curley Winery. They made the best tasting Blueberry wine. Their wine is made out of 100% blueberries grown in Florida. No grapes added.

Kelly and Curley Winery has three selection of blueberry wines.Dry Blueberry, Semi- Dry Blueberry and Sweet Blueberry whatever that suits your taste. My friend like the dry blueberry because it's full bodied. Since I'm a sweet person :-) I prefer the sweet one because it has a hint of residual sugar which allows the blueberry taste to come through. It has the body and acidity to balance the sweetness and still taste smooth and crisp. But if you want one that has a fairly sweet start, a smooth berry taste and a dry finish, try the Semi-dry bluberry wine.

For everybody who wants the best blueberry wine go to for additional info. They have a number of local retailers too so you won't miss it. Plus you can order online!

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