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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

SuperBowl XLII

It's been two days since the Super Bowl last sunday. Usually games or events like boxing we invited friends to come over in our house to watch with us.This year it's like our friends are expecting us "to host" the Super Bowl but since this year none of my hubby's team is playing so we pass. Ain't fair huh. Well, besides I'm just exhausted too so I told my other friend to host it instead. She's so nice to do it too.
It's nice though that you're just watching because you get to conceantrate on the game instead of preparing foods or accomodating the guests. Last year I'm busy because I have to make sure everbody is taken care of. Like if they have their chips and etcetera.
Now I was able to see the performers which I'm so jealous with Alicia Keys Stilleto, its fantastic! I bet it's 5" heel. Well, to summarize, last Sunday Super Bowl was great!

ps. I think I sound like I doesn't make any sense while writing this blog (lol)

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