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Saturday, 2 February 2008

My Day with Oysters!

A friend of mine called if I want to buy 5 dozen of oysters for $25. I love oysters but I can't buy 5 dozens that's a lot. She suggested putting it in the feezer. I once bought the same amount of oysters before but I just end up throwing 3 dozens of them because I have this idea that it's not good to freeze seafoods. Well, I might be wrong. But another friend called and he wanted give me some oysters, what happened the lady sold him the same amount of oysters too. I bet he's shy to say no to her so he just accepted it. Anyhow, it ended that I got 2 dozens of oysters for free, lol. I felt guilty, I offered to just pay him for that, but of course he's not gonna accept it.
So now I've been eating oysters. I broil it for 10 mins. and it turn out good. Very delicious with spicy vinegar and sprite!

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