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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Avoid Bankruptcy

In terms of handling money, I'm proud to say that I'm quite good at it. For a simple fact that I didn't grow with a silver spoon in my mouth. Although when I was born my mom and dad had a booming coffee business. I experience a luxurious life till I was twelve years then after that storms come our way, our farms been damaged by typhoon, the people who owed from our retail store didn't pay their debts. It's just one of those days that our lives went down. We're in great debt but we survived. My parents have debt management plans so at least no matter what, they were still able to put me and my siblings to school. Now they have two children who finished college already. I'm proud of them!

Now that I'm married already, my husband trusted me all the financial matters in our household, from bills, grocery to investments. Since we got married, he didn't bother to check our bank statements not unless I showed it to him. I do all my best to be financially responsible. I paid bills on time. I paid off credit cards that has high interest rates. I make sure that a portion of my husband's salary went to our savings account. And more importantly I'm trying to control myself when I'm in the mall. No more shop till I drop.Now that we have children, we sometimes have credits piled up and besides we sometimes help our family in the Philippines. Good thing that we have a good debt management plans, it's a great help to avoid bankruptcy!

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