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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

My Sabado (Saturday)

We went to a birthday of my friend Marie beautiful daughter Andi. As I often said, time flies so fast. When I first got here, Andi is just 5 years old, now she's a pretty nine year old already. We're having fun during the party especially my daughter Steph. She gets to mingle again with other children. But my whole world stop for a moment when I can't find her anywhere. It's either she's sitting beside me or her dad or she's nearby where I can hear her voice, but that time in just one second she's gone. I look for her like crazy just finding her with her friends in the game are of the hall with the rest of the kids.I swear, that's the craziest feeling I've ever felt. Upon seeing her, it's as if a gallon of hot boiling water poured over methat I can feel my blood working again. Now, if I was so attentive with my children before, now it's more over over attentive.

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