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Saturday, 19 January 2008


One o' clock in the morning, my two year old daughter woke, turn her lights on. She's kinda noisy so I just get up before she wakes up her baby brother. I noticed that she's already wearing her doll shoes, I asked her she's going, she told me "gonna go byebye Ninang ( Godmom)", "Okay then", I told her, "let's put some sweater on. So she's all ready, but we actually just went into the living room. I let her play with her Barbie Bicycle while I"m all wrap up with my blanket and trying to dozed off.But that wasn't a good idea because she might go to the kitchen and play with the pots and pans or do something that might hurt herself.
Then she said,"Hi Mom, say cheese so I decided to grabbed my camera and we're taking pictures again.
So here's some pictures taken during the wee hour in our simple abode with my terrific princes.


Rickavieves said...

cute baby! :-)

Bless said...

Hi there! You have a very adorable girl there :-) She's very pretty.

Anonymous said...

hala ka gin mura ma hollywood star man siguro ni imong anak.


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