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Sunday, 20 January 2008

Air Force One

Today we miss the 10:00 o'clock mass because we were caught up in watching the movie Air Force one in TNT channel. Although this movie is like about 1o years old already, I don't mind watching this over and over again. In fact we have a DVD of this. I just love this movie especially the lead actor Harrison Ford one of my favorite stars.
Funny 'coz I get carried away when I watch this. I couldn't help my tears from flowing especially on the part that one pilot sacrifice himself for the sake of the lives of the people in the Air Force One. My husband told me that it's just a movie. But hey, it just moved me,so what the heck. I'm just an emotional fella. Well, it's really nice to hear that it will also happen in really life. Someone who will risk his/her own for the sake of others. Hmm, that would be me..for the sake of my family..
But, I'm wondering though, how about those people who don't want to sacrifice their money for the sake of someone who need it badly, so badly that this individual will almost has to kneel before them for their help, but Nada, no way because they valued their money so much, and no way they want to sacrifice it for an uncertain payback. Yah this happen to us, when my brother got sick, the people that I'm counting to help us couldn't afford, why because they thought we can't pay. But it's okay we got help from somebody, somebody else who has a heart to take risks helping.
It's hard to say, maybe they can't sacrifice their money but they can sacrifice themselves in the name of family. Hard to say. It's really hard to say.


Liza said...

Hi Gina! We love watching Air Force One over and over again. By the way, I have a tag for you here, I hope you're up to it ;) TC

A Simple Life

babyjet said...

Oh my gulay!! We were watching the same movie gyud Gin!! As in, sa TNT pud to bah!hahaha. David was telling me na wala pa ba daw ko nag sawa og tinan-aw aning palabasa..ana ko na I can watch that movie all over again hehe. Cute noh!


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