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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The Engagement Ring

I got an allergic reaction in my fingers with the liquid soap that I used to handwash our delicate clothes, they got so dry and itchy especially my ring finger.Well, we don't have the latest washing machine yet that has a handwashing option. Yesterday morning I decided to take off my rings so I could put a cortizone cream. I put them in our bedroom altar, later in the afternoon, when I decided to put them back, the engagement ring is gone. My husband didn't know where it is and I'm positive that I put it there. So, I'm suspecting some 'lil hands got interested with it, my two year old toddler. That could be her coz my husband found her Dora Chair right in front of the altar. So I started asking her, who knows she will tell because oftentimes when she took something like pens she can remember where she hide them. But nope she don't know. I panicked. There's no way I will lost my engagement ring, it's so precious to me. My husband was eating beans for two weeks because of that,(lol). But seriously, it's a symbol of our wonderful times together, it's older than my wedding ring.But I'm optimistic that I will find it. I will just have to tear the house apart. I started from our walk-in closet, nothing, underneath our bed, nothing!, in her bedroom , NADA! I checked everywhere already but no rings. I started being cranky. My husband decided to calmed me down because it's not Stephanie's fault, and assures me that it's not my fault either. And promised that he's going to buy me a new one.But I blamed myself for it, I could have put it in my jewelry box. When I decided to quit looking. I just joke about finding it when I'm not looking for it anymore. Then it's bed time.I took pajamas in Stephie's closet and THERE! there my ring, in Stephanie's closet, in the floor. I was really shouting for joy while I'm telling my husband about it. I'm so happy that when I look at my engagement, I just realized how nice it is. I'm so hyper that I can see all the diamonds sparkling hehehe. Then I promised I will never never disregard it anymore.
It is not a 2 carat or more diamond ring, or something that's as valuable as a car, but the important thing is the person who gave it and the reason why he gave it to me. That's what made it priceless.

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Anonymous said...

na ako gin wala gyud nako ginasuot akong engagement ring, dili ko kapante kay basig mawala he he he. pero naa koy mga decoys na engagement ring ginasuot he he he ang tinood naa sa cabinet gina lili lang nako usahay ha ha ha, murag amaw no?


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