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Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Happy Birthday Jesus!

December 25, Christmas! The world is rejoicing! Of course it's Jesus Christ's birthday. Even though there's no proven fact that this is the actual date but it doesn't matter as long as we celebrate His Birthday. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Before when I was still single, still living with my parents in the Philippines, we have Misa de Gallo, Christmas Eve. My whole family went to church together then got home we eat the food that was prepared by our parents.We only have small celebration but it's really meaningful because we gathered together as a family, with my parents and siblings. After eating we went back to sleep we're so excited to check our stockings because we knew Santa Claus has something for us. It was fun and I miss it.

Now, I'm here in the United States of America, with my own family, No Misa de Gallo but we celebrate our Christmas to the people close to us. We started our party at 6:00 p.m. and joined together in welcoming the Christmas Eve. We exchange gifts. My best friend gave Christmas stockings to the children. It was really fun.

Christmas, my favorite time of Year.
Happy Birthday Jesus! I Love You!

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