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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

After Christmas

It's Christmas time again, it's the season of giving and forgiving. Giving gifts is fun especially it put a smile to someone's face. I remembered last year I celebrated Christmas in the Philippines togther with my family, but this time we can't it make because my son is still very young to travel and some other reasons too. But I miss our celebration in the Philippines, it's more festive, I mean you can feel the scent of the holiday season everywhere no matter what and no matter what. That's how Filipinos are, we are happy people. Amidst all the crises we still find time to be happy. I guess it's the joy that our family brings to us. Like last week, my mom was so happy when she recieved our package for them. Lee was so jazzed to hear it that today he decided that we're going to the mall again for the after christmas sale so we can send a package again.

So I better get ready now and stash all my credit cards in my wallet. My mother is so worried about me always using credit cards. Don't worry mom, that's how we build our credit score in the states hehehe. But seriously, I pay them off when the bill arrive using my husband's money. Now that's gonna make her mad. But you see what is his is mine, and what is mine is mine hehehe, but he knows that I'm protecting his credit with my life, I'm not gonna screw it up.ganun atik kayo..pero I better get my butt out of here na gyud.

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