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Wednesday, 26 December 2007


According to my sweety "Christmas are for Children"
I guess??myabe that's why Steph and Eric got lots of gifts.

Steph and her Dad having fun in the village!

My Stephanie got:
Dora Huggable Pillow from Adam
Clothes from Sam
tons of Fairytale Books with Cd's from Ninang Jen
cute summer clothes from Ninong Al
handmade scarf and hat from Ninang Josie
Lil Pony Castle from Ninang Cristina
Barbie Trycicle from Ninong Jovi
Cabbage Patch Baby from Tita Janet
Learning toys from LeapFrog
woaahhh this is gonna be a long list..

Eric got: a 26" Winnie the Pooh Stuff toy, clothes, toys , toys, toys

There's a lot more but it's gonna be a long list.

Thank you very much for bringing a smile in my children's faces.

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