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Saturday, 29 December 2007

Reminiscing the 2007

As if it was just yesterday that I was anticipating the year 2007, coz it's the year that I'm going to give birth of my son but now it's already 2008, how time flies so fast. The year 2007 was been a very good year for me although I have a lot of ups and downs. But those loopholes that I faced helped me became a better and mature person. Weird but I miss 2007 hehehe, I feel like that there are still things that I needed to accomplish just like "renovating" my blog site so that payperpost will approve it (huhuhu). But hey I can do it in 2008.

I really thank God for all the blessings that He gave me last year. Although at times I felt like I don't deserve them. God is just so good. He's never tired of giving us a second chance.

I thank Him for:

*for giving a healthy baby boy, my son Eric

*for saving my mother's life ( she successfully survived a Kidney operation)

and for the joys and happiness because of my friends and family. I also thank Him for the trials because they drive me closer to Him and to my loved ones.

I might miss 2007 but I'm excited for the year 2008 because I know whatever it holds for me I know I can face it lovingly and prayerfully.

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