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Friday, 2 November 2007

My Personal Heroes

When we say Hero, often applies about someone who do the unthinkable & the one who accomplish the unbelievable. We somehow think that a hero is not just an ordinary person.
But when we take a look of the ordinary people in our society, there are heroes everywhere; from honest lawyers, doctors, priests, teachers down to the farmers who worked hard rain or shine and to the mothers who sacrificed a lot to give the best for their children.
As I look back in my past, every chapter of my life I have heroes.They are my family, my cousins, my friends, my classmates and even my neighbors who were there for me at times that I'm almost giving up.
There are people who doesn't even know that once in my life they became my hero.
Her name is Jean Anne. She's not just my schoolmate, and not just my friend, she's also my sis in David Sword Society .There are times that I don't know where to go to, she's always there ready to help me. She doesn't know that every time she helped me, she helped me survived.She is, most of the times the answer to my prayers.

Second Si Darwin. He's rich,tall, dark and it's up to you!?? handsome of course!And he's talentado, he knows everything, from electronics,sports,business tanan tanan na, kung gwapa pako gipikot na nako sya kaya lang ang dami ng nakapila..hehehe. Seriously, he is a VERY GOOD PERSON. When he help,nobody knows. But among his charitable works, I'm one of the beneficiary.When my brother was so sick and I'm so desperate, he's the one who helped me get through with it.If he and our classmates were not there, I don't know, I don't even wanna think about it.and he is SUPER DUPER GOOD FRIEND, thoughtful pa gyud. During my 22nd birthday, it's very rainy in Davao, floods everywhere but he drive all the way in Ecoland just to give me a nice brithday cake, wawa naman lalo na his car. He's a hero not just to me but to all our classmates, take note about the Microprocessor projects. Yeah, Darwin, I super duper lab you. promise as Lee is my witness hehehe.And he extremely lab you too.

Third si Kuya Dennis, my ever poging cousin.
Si Kuya, you don't see him in the church often, maybe doesn't pray all the time but he can be a candidate to be saint. For the info, he helped a lot of people. And not all people are aware about it. Why he's a hero to me? During my jobhunting in Manila, he provided me shelter and food. He let me stay in his apartment in Alabang, no conditions whatsoever, everything is free. So All I have to worry about is submit my resume and wait for the result. Even though I got a job already, he still doesn't ask for something in return. People thought that life in Manila is stressful, but it wasn't as bad for me. Though I’m homesick all the time, but he’s place is my home away from home. When my day was so bad,my work was stressful and the traffic was crazy, I still look forward going home sa Bahay ni Kuya. That's why everytime I visit Manila, tapos let's say I can afford to stay in Shangrila, I still prefer to go back there in Ilaya Alabang where I can find comfort and totally relax and chitchat with my friends in the neighborhood.
But Kuya Dennis doesn't like people who gossip around and dili sya gusto ug medyo st***d people.Also he doesn't like soap operas (promise)..maglagot gyud sya ana. He's the coolest person in the world too! My friends can hang-out with me in his apartment, he's no problem with that. For me he's a genius, ang galing niya kaya sa JAVA Programming and taga MSU yata yan and studied JAVA Programming in Ateneo. Basta the best yan si Kuya.The traits that I learned from him is to be openminded and to keep on learning.
Si Jean Ann, Darwin, Kuya Dennis and many many more. You know who you are. I really thank you for being my heroes.

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