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Friday, 2 November 2007

Me and my Monday

This could be the most rewarding Monday in my history of Luneses (Mondays).
Some people hated Monday because it's the beginning of the week, 4 days before days-off. Me, I love Mondays because it's my hubby's payday ( he got paid every second Monday-biweekly), it's our Pizza day ( no cokking for dinner), and my laundry day, weird ha but don't ask me I just love doin laundry on Mondays, besides it's my favorite job, promise I love to do laundry, yah pwede gyud nako na icarreer ( I can make it as a career, no kidding). I don't know why I'm just challenge to wash dirty clothes and I'm so happy when they look so clean and fresh when they're all dried up. It irrittates me when I see dirt on the clothes. Anyway, though I love Monday, I hated it too because it's the day I have to continue the unfinished business left during Friday, it's usually bill paying day.
So today, it's monday, I started my day by checking how much money was deposited in our checking, then since I already paid our bills so move on to the next agenda which is irrittaing, annoying whatsoever, it's calling my insurance company.
I already mentioned in my other blogsite the hassles that I've went through with my medical bills lately.Our bills since my first doctor's appointment were been denied, they were not that much so we just paid them but I did some extra effort in disputing it in our insurance company, well they don't cover it because it's not covered in our plan blah blah blah, then my hubby don't want me be stress he just want me to go ahead and paid them, but still I think it's not fair. And then a month after I gave birth, my oh my, we we're bombared with medical bills, ranging from $200, another one $660, then three more small amounts,then my big eyes almost come out when I see my two other bill $4707 for 2 nights stay, $6300 for all other medications, surgery etc.Right there and then, I called my insurance company, the same reason, it can't be covered. I was really stress, If I knew it I could have gave birth in my country. i can't really beleived it because if they cover my first childbirth, why not my second. I was emotional, asking my hubby to just let me and our children go to the Phil because it's very expensive here (kinda stupid of me). But he assures me that's gonna be fine, we can get through with it, it's just money, don't let it affect me because If I'm stress the children will be affected. So I'm trying to accept it, it's just money, it can be earned what is important that i have a safe delivery and our baby is perfect. Sige Nalang oi pero sayang gyud because we're not rich, it's okay sana if it's raining dollars in our roof, but nada, I pity my husband because he's working hard, then sometimes during fire season, he's almost working 24/7, he almost don't have time to be home.
Then one day I decided to segrate some paperworks, magazines that i stuck in our closet. Usually when we got something in the mail and don't have time to open them, I put them in a storage container and stashed them in our bedroom closet because if not some tiny hands is so eager to make a mess out of them, then a Bluecross handook caught my attention, I'm disappointed because I remember our medical bills that's been denied by them.Our insurance is from Bluecross. But then, I decided to read it, I scan to the prenatal section. It was clearly stated there that every doctor visit is covered and we don't have a deductible, that's why we have high monthly premiums. So immediately I called the insurance company told them what I read in the brochure, but that wasn't a success because in the middle of our conversation, it was cut-off , my darn celfon runs out of juice ( low-bat), darn Gina I could have used our landline. So I just decided to wait for my husband to deal with it because i was stress already. I was thinking why they keep on rejecting me, looks like they don't understane what i meant, must have been my english, but one of the representatives that I spoke with is a Filipina and we even have the same dialect because she's from di ba, not siguro my english.
So then, my hubby did call them, and it all straightened out, they said they are going to make some some adjustments. But i wasn't rejoicing yet. not till I got the EOB paper in my hand (Explanation of Benefits), until now I haven't received from them, last Friday I still got bills from the hospital, then this morning I checked our bluecross account online, our cliams has been adjusted so i called the hospital, they told me to disregard the bills, because they recieved the payment just today and they're going to make some arrangements for the refund, because I paid some of them already.
So yun, a reward for my persistence.
so if some of you we're denied by your insurance, don't hisitate to bug them over and over and over again, and of course famailiarize your insurance coverage not like me he he he and of course, don't depend on your hubby in terms of bills like these because sometimes they just don't care if they keep in paying, well in my situation, my hubby is the one working, and I'm just at home so I might as well help him in my own 'lil ways.
what a day, what a monday, a very rewarding monday..
and also I'm happy because my friends accepted my apologies, thank you mi amigas..
Then one time


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