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Saturday, 3 November 2007

He's my answered prayer!

When we went to the Philippines last December 2006, I completed the nine days Misa de Gallo, together with my husband and my parents. My petition was for me to have a son, I kept it a secret til Feb.14 2007 when I had my first sonogram and my OB said it's a boy. I'm so happy and my husband thinks that it was the best Valentine's gift ever. I told my mom that my petition was granted by God, apparently that was also her wish. She's so overjoyed.

I always believe in the sanctity of attending the nine morning masses. It has never failed me. Of course you also have to as much as possible refrain from doing things that displeases God.

Besides God knows what's in your heart and He knows your desires and how important your petitions are. Lee, my husband is the last surviving son in their clan ( the reason why he wasn't accepted in the marines), and that's why I badly want to give him a son. Imagine how ecstatic he is right now. Finally he has a son and he name him Eric, it's a very strong Norwegian name which means power.

Eric's due date was July 7, 2007, the lucky day. But I gave birth on the fourth of July, The United States of America's Independence day. It's funny because at 3pm of July 3rd I already have very strong contractions but still I refuse going to the hospital. My friends already came over to encourage me. I insisted giving birth on the the lucky day. But at around 9pm the contractions were so intense already so I decided to go. It was a convoy of 3 vehicles of my Filipino friends rushing to the hospital. I think it's sweet that my friends were there from my labor till my baby arrive.

So He turns out to be a fourth of July baby, he's the only baby who was born on that day also, that's why he became famous for awhile as they posted he's pictures on their bulletin board . The hospital gave him a gift being the fourth of July baby, amazing. I'm so pampered since I'm their only patient that day. Had I'm not in pain, it could be an experience of a lifetime, it's like going on a cruise, your meals are prepared how you wish it to be, the nurses answer my call just one click of the button.pretty cool. And my visitors were accommodated too. One nurse said that I'm famous for having such number of visitors. Actually for some American people they prefer not having lots of visitors, but you know Filipinos we prefer the other way.

He's 7 lbs and 5 oz. a lil bit smaller that he's sister who was 7 lbs and 11 oz. It wasn't as painful as my first childbirth but still painful...until now I couldn't imagine the pain., even though I had an epidural still I don't want to go thorough that pain again. I'm done. I'm not making any promises but I have my complete set so that should be it. Actually when I look at my adorable kids right now,the pain that I've been through is not enough. I feel so blessed for having them. It's all worth it.

I couldn't thank God enough for my baby Eric. He's my answered prayer, my son and our sunshine.

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