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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Super Busy

"The mind is like a parachute, it works best when it is opened"

When my children are sleeping, that's the time that I can go online and check my inbox, answer emails, and sometimes update my blog, but most of the time when I'm in the middle writing a blog, one of them wake up so I couldn't finish it anymore. As much as I want to write blogs often but I couldn't prioritize it than my children. They have to be my first priority than anything else.
I also love reading my friends' blogs because I learned a lot from them, in some ways some of their testimonials inspire me. So sometimes I just printed out their entries so I can finished reading them even though I got a handful. especially now that my toddler can do a lot of things that just terrifies me sometimes. Just like yesterday, I was in our bedroom nursing my 4 month old baby, when I realized I have to check on Stephanie, I saw her in the kitchen, standing on her Dora chair, trying to reach something from the stove, I was so scared, that was a save when I was able to check on her before it's too late. She could have hurt herself, and I couldn't forgive myself for that. That's why right now I decided to be with her all the time. That's what you called dealing with a terrible two, since she's two year old already.

I was just able to write this because my hubby still home, in 4 minutes he's gonna go to I have to end this this for now..till then...

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