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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

What would be a fair salary if a mom gets paid???

I remembered in one of Oprah's shows that a fair salary for an at home mom range from $120,000 to $150,000( if I'm not mistaken), that's about the same in the surveys conducted in some Parenting magazines. I agreed to what other people said that it should be the same with what Bill Gate's make :-). Being a mom, is undeniably hard especially if it's your first time. From changing of diapers to potty traning, from breastfeeding to sippy cups, the mess such as crumbs, crackers or spilled milk , juice etc. What I really hate most is when they got sick, it's so heartbreaking when they suffer from any sickness. With Steph when she's congested. Although she's not fussy when she got sick (promise) but still I know she's having a hard time, and it just ripped my heart. Wish we could just take the uneasy feeing away from them. But according to some moms, it's sometimes good because it will develop their immune system to some illnesses (really!!!!???)Stephanie basically does her own transitions, though I made some effort but I don't pressure her to do the things she need to do at her age. She started sleeping in her bedroom just a month ago, I just let her spend time in her bedroom more often during the days by almost making it into her playroom, I put a lot of magazines and catalouges ( no kidding she loves to scan the pages of Victoria secret catalogues, Avon, Amercan baby or Lucky magazines etc. )She just surprised us one night when she don't like sleeping in our bed anymore, said byebye and nite nite to her dad. She loves her pink sateen bed sheet and comfy comforter. It does saddened me because I miss her being with us. I still check on her oftentimes during the night especially now that my due is coming I frequently visit the bathroom.
Being a mom to Stephanie, I feel like I I'm earning more than Bill Gates does ( I'm sure all other moms feel the same way too.) When you got to witness their first smiles, their first steps, first words and many more is very rewarding. I never stop thanking God for giving me a daughter like her . It's like "nothing else matters now".
I totally enjoy motherhood though I don't know if I can still say this when the 2nd baby came. A 22 month old toddler and an infant, can I handle it??Thinking about when they cry at the same time. And just thinking about what my friends who have 2 to 3 kids been through. I already anticipated those things. All I'm really praying that they will be healthy always. Besides as long as my family and friends are there to support me emotionally, everything will just be easy . I swear I will never be this happy without them (from my mama and papa, my brothers and sister, my cousins/relatives who always bring out the best in me, my friends here in the states and back home). My husband Lee is super supportive eversince and that, makes my life so contented.
I'm sure there will be moments that I will feel like going crazy, when this sweet toddler of mine will throw some tantrums, and I coudn't figure out why.And what if they both have tantrums at the same time. Well, good luck to that.
Anyway, one more month before my due date, I wish and pray that my baby is healthy and safe. I don't care if I will be in severe pain, as long as he's safe. Thinking about pain, I couldn't imagine, it's really painful that's why I told my doctor that I will be in severe pain, administer an epidural right away. My american friends think that I'm crazy for having a normal delivery with my first baby.
I'll just take this chance to thank Dennis and Jenny Buckley for their baby shower gift,( making a me an independent business owner in by shouldering all the expenses hehehe). And of course Jenny and Tony Teruel who's been spoiling Stephanie and us all these years. Beth, for her ever guaranteed good advices, Marie for helping Jenny in my babyshower and all my friends here in Crescent City.

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