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Monday, 22 October 2007


It's Thursday and it's my friend Marie's day-off. somehow I look forward during her days off because she usually visit me here in my house. Then we cooked Filipino foods like daing, fried tilapia, sinigang, longganisa, biko etc etc. And we called some Filipinos to come over and eat with us. Afterwards, we play "tong-its". Tong-its is a popular card game in the Philippines. I don't usually play, I just leave it to the pros. Although I've already won a couple of times already. as they say, your luck depends on your card.

We didn't play tong-its today because Jovi,one of our Filipino nurses here came over to give me the Barong that he bought for my son for his upcoming christening . And also to introduced her mom to us who just got here from the Philippines. She is Nanay Nene. She's already 77 years old but I swear she didn't look like it. She just look like she's in her 60s, still energetic and super cool. Healthy too. That's very inspiring.

Another one, Jovi surprised her with his new house. He didn't tell his mom that he got a nice 3 bedroom house here in California already. I was curious if she cried, you know for too much happiness, but she didn't. But she cried when Jovi showed showed her her bedroom, must be very beautiful. I know Jovi is a meticulous guy, he wants everything to be coordinated no matter how much it cost.Now, that's very inspiring too.

It's inspiring because at the age of 34, he got a beautiful house, a sleek looking SUV and works at one of the highest paying institution in the states. Well, he works hard for it. He deserves it. It's also my dream that one day I can buy a house for my parents with my own earnings not with my hubby's earnings he he but he already did, but that was just temporary, he's planning something bigger as you know he just loved my parents so much.But as much as possible I want it to be me. Because my parents sent me to college for me to get a good education amidst all the crises. They deserve something in return. I dream of buying them a house in Bohol, which is away from all the noises, the traffic and pollution. some kind of a retirement home for them. I have a lot of plans for them but I haven't started with the big ones yet. I can't afford for right now by myself. But I know I can someday soon.

Here in the states, as long as your hardworking, innovative and honest, opportunities are overflowing. As they say, it's the land of opportunities. A lot of Filipinos that live here are successful. Like one of my friends, who works in Stanford hospital , one owns a business that earnsmore or less $20k a month, one owns a chain of hotels, one owns apartments and a lot more. They started from scratch and just worked their all they up. I believe that in order to be successful in life, you need to be humble and brave enough to face the challenge. One thing very important, never forget God. Put Him first in everything that you do. I believe that's the only way we can achieve our dreams.

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